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About the course

Marin Vodanović, DDM, MSc, PhD, Assistant professor

Since the establishment of the School, the course has existed in a number of different forms within the dental curriculum. However, the main emphasis has always been placed on the introduction to future profession and its position in medicine and in society. A review of development of dental medicine in theoretical and practical direction points out the achievements of dental medicine in Croatia and abroad.An evaluation of oral health condition in Croatia contributes to the awareness of needs in terms of experts and general community in dental medicine.

Primary Aims
Principles of education of dentists and foundation of schools of dental studies are demonstrated in retrospective with a comparative overview of the Croatian and international context. The present set up of dental schools, teaching, experts and research work assisted by modern technological aids will pave the way for future studies. The approach to and the use of information are fundamental to acquisition of teaching material aiming at educational, clinical, scientific and practical application. Comparison of major dental problems in Croatia with those in the world will stimulate students to pay particular attention when dealing with specific problems in the course of the studies, which might even be crucial to them when choosing their future specialization. Medical Deontology should be the framework for both- the overall work and life of future dentists.

Main Objectives

  • Development of health culture, tasks, classification, uniqueness of medicine
  • Health culture of primitive populations. Archaic extra-European health cultures. Old Greek and Roman health culture (Asclepius, Hippocrates, Galen)
  • Health culture of early feudal period. Contribution of physicians from Arabic milieu to development of health care. West European medieval medicine – (monastery) scholastic. Foundation of the first secular medical school in Salerno. Development of health care in Dalmatian Croatia. Scientific revival.
  • Birth of modern health care (baroque, Pierre Fauchard, Enlightenment) Theoretical basis of modern healthcare.
  • Definition of dental medicine, place and its position in medicine. Why become a dentist.
  • Principles of dental education and foundation of schools of dental studies.
  • Modern dental schools, organization of teaching determined by contemporary development of education, sciences and technological aids.
  • Dental information and documentation (educational, clinical, scientific, practical application), visual media and dental medicine.
  • Models of computer use in dental medicine.
  • Organization of dental health care of population in the world and in Croatia